Treasure Coast Casters - Protecting Our Marine Resources Today For Tomorrow's Anglers.
All Treasure Coast Casters
All Treasure Coast Casters
~No cost to join or to fish a tournament
~Signed and notarized release must be on file
~Bring your own bait and fishing gear
Junior Division (5-11 yr olds)
~Parent or guardian must be present while the junior is fishing
~All fish are eligible
~No swimming during the fishing tournament
~No wade fishing deeper then your knees
~Goodie bags for all Casters
~Awards for top 3 Juniors and biggest fish
Junior Division (5-11 yr olds)
Senior Division (12-18 yr olds)
Senior Division (12-18 yr olds)
~Must have boaters saftey card
(available free at
~Must maintain a 2.0 GPA
~Attend mandatory meeting the day before the tournament.
~ Middle school/ High school brackets
~Awards for top 3 Seniors in each bracket
~Awards for biggest fish
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