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Results of Treasure Coast Casters Junior Division Fishing Tournament

May 20, 2012
What a beautiful morning we had for the last from shore fishing tournament of the school year!  We couldn't have asked for better weather. Now, the fishing - well catching was another story.  We have never had a tournament where only 2 fish were caught.
We would like to welcome a new Treasure Coast Caster to our Junior Division - Dawson Kiernan. 
Nicholas Rosario caught a 2lb. 1oz. stingray and Mackenzie Tessier caught an eel.  The only other things that were caught was a crab caught by Kaitlyn Ward and a sea slug caught by Michael Rochedieu.  After a short discussion and a club vote Kaitlyn Ward was the winner.
1st place - Nicholas Rosario - Fairlawn Elem. - Ft. Pierce - 2lb. 1oz. stingray 
2nd place - Mackenzie Tessier - Imagine School - Vero Beach - eel
3rd place - Kaitlyn Ward - Fairlawn Elem. - Ft. Pierce - crab
Biggest fish trophy went to Nicholas for his stingray. 
Eagle Claw was the sponsor for the tournament and all the fishing items in the goodie bags were from them.  What a GREAT company!  Gwen & Pat also had items in the goodie bags.
We held a raffle after the tournament and each Treasure Coast Caster received a prize.  We gave a rod & reel combo that was donated by Clint Walker - owner of the Fishing Center and Kalani Walk was the winner.  Jessica Eastland won a tackle box full of fishing items that was donated by John & Theresa Gilson before that returned to Ohio.  Other items included t-shirts, dip nets, visors, a hat, a water bottle donated by Yamaha and a few artificial baits!
A special Happy 10th Birthday to Trevor Walk!  His dad brought cookies for everyone and also a big thank you to Pat & Gwen - they also brought cookies and 2 coolers full of bottle water.
We will be e-mailing you the new schedule in June.  Have a great summer and keep fishing!
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