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Results of Treasure Coast Casters Inshore Tournament 7-8-12

What a great morning we had to kick off our new season of inshore fishing for the Treasure coast casters - Senior Division. We did several things today that we had not before -this was the first C.P.R. (catch, picture, release) tournament and also the first time we have fished during the summer months. It was a great success!
We had 7 species on the fish list and we did a point system by the length of the fish. Everyone was given a card and a measuring stick that had to be in the photo. Everyone caught fish but it seemed that if we had shark, lady fish, bluefish, catfish or jackson the list there would have been a lot more pictures to see.
Brennen Tessier released3 fish - a snapper, trout and a redfish. Taylor Meding released a very nice 26inch redfish. Trace Meding released 4 fish - a trout, 2 snapper and asheepshead. Andrew Evans released a nice snapper and Colton Hester released a trout.
Middle School Division
1st place - Trace Meding- 20 points - West Gate K-8 - Port St. Lucie
2nd place - Andrew Evans- 5 points - St. Anastasia - Ft. Pierce
3rd place - no winner
High School Division
1st place - BrennenTessier - 40 points - Vero Beach High School - Vero Beach
2nd place - TaylorMeding - 20 points - St. Lucie West Centennial High - Port St. Lucie
3rd place - ColtonHester - 15 points - Ft. Pierce Central - Ft. Pierce
Biggest fish trophy went to Taylor Meding for her 26 inch - 6 pound redfish.
A special thank you to our sponsors! All our trophies for the 2012 - 2013 season are sponsored by GTSupplies, Inc. Eagle Claw was the sponsor for the goodie bags, The FishingCenter sponsored the rod & reel combo and Pat & Gwen donated two gift cards for the 1st place winners to The Fishing Center. And, THANK YOU to the boat volunteers - Capt. Danny Markowski and Jay Check! We couldn't do it without you!
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