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Results of 9-30-12 Treasure Coast Casters Senior Division Inshore Tournament


Today we had a beautiful morning as the boats left the docks at Jaycee Park.  Little did we know that we would have two boats with motor problems and both had to be towed in.  Also, we had one dad that was very sick - thinks it was food posioning!  And, after having the weather man tell us for the last 3 days that we would have thunder storms early this morning - all I can say is I want to be a weather man when I grow up (LOL) and make big money and be wrong all the time!!

Redfish, trout, snapper and 1 sheesphead were the fish of the day.  Andrew Evans had a 1lb 3oz. trout and a snapper.  Maxwell Higgins had a 3lb 4oz. redfish and a snapper.  Shane Surrency had a 3lb. 5oz. redfish, a trout, sheepshead and a snapper.  Savannah Ward had a snapper and last but not least Dylora Kohler had a 4lb. 8oz. redfish, 2 trout and a snapper.  Her redfish had a total of 8 spots!  Not many fish on the list were caught but all the TCC's reporting cacthing fish.

1st place - Andrew Evans - 30 points
2nd place - Savannah Ward - 10 points
3rd place - no winner

1st place - Dylora Kohler - 80 points
2nd place - Shane Surrency - 75 points
3rd place - Maxwell Higgins - 40 points

Biggest fish of the tournament went to Dylora Kohler for her redfish.  Other than the trophies and goodie bag she got a Abu Garcia reel that was donated by Capt. Rob Ward.  Andrew and Dylora both received a $20.00 gift card to the Fishing Center.  All items in the prize bags were donated by the Fishing Center.  Also, all out trophies for the whole season are donated by GT Supplies, Inc!! 
Thank you to our boat volunteers - Anna Green, Capt. Charlie Conner and all the dads that take the time to fish with the Treasure Coast Casters.
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