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Results of 12-2-12 TCC Juniors From Shore Tournament

December 2, 2012
What great weather we had for this months Treasure Coast Casters from shore fishing tournament. We had a total of 17 fishing and they caught and released 21 fish. I think that pinfish was the fish of the day with 9 of them coming to the weigh table. We did have 3 sheepshead, 2 flounder, 1 stingray, 2 ladyfish, 1 snook and 3 jacks.
We would like to welcome Dustin and Kaitlynn Ovian from Palm City and welcome back Richard Leffew from Vero Beach.
Some of the more notable catches were Jessica Eastland with her 2lb. 8oz. ladyfish. Jordyn Beeten caught 2 flounder with one weighing 1lb. 1oz. Thomas Parramore caught a 1lb. 4oz. stingray and 3 pinfish. Mackenzy Peavy caught a small snook - 12 oz. and this was the first time she has caught a snook. Richard Leffew caught a 12oz. sheepshead and 2 pinfish. Dean Buxton caught 2 pinfish.
1st place - Thomas Parramore - Community United Methodist - PK - Ft. Pierce
2nd place - Richard Leffew - Beachland Elem. - 4th - Vero Beach
3rd place - Dean Buxton - Fairlawn Elem. - 1st - Ft. Pierce
Biggest Fish - Jessica Eastalnd - Weatherbee Elem. - 5th - Ft. Pierce
We held our annual Christmas raffle and everyone received a very nice prize along with their goodie bag. Thank you to The Fishing Center for the rod & reel combos, to Gwen & Pat for the 2 - $10 gift cards to The Fishing Center and also for the bait bucket with the jigs inside, to Gary & Misti Guertin - owners of the Treasure Coast Edition of Coastal Anglers Magazine for the Hides Floating Sunglass holders, MirroLure and Riptide! We could not give these kids the things we do without you!!
I need to THANKS to a few very special people. This was the only tournament in 13 years that I have missed and it was very hard not to see everyone and especially our grandson win his first medal! Thank you to Donna & Mac McKelvay for helping out at the table and with the fishing! Gwen & Pat for always being there and for helping with the raffle! To Tammy & Savannah Ward for doing what they always do and for doing most of my job too! They took great pics and also Savannah did a great job with the raffle. And to my husband - Capt. Joe Ward for helping the kids fish!
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