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Results of the Treasure Coast Caster of the Year Tournament

The Treasure Coast Caster of the Year for 2013-2014 is DYLORA KOHLER!! Our 1st female TCC ever!
Today we held the fish off for the Treasure Coast Caster of the Year. The top 5 middle school & top 5 high school TCC's competed against each other for the title. The top 5 from middle school were Andrew Evans, Billy Kidd, Trace Meding, Scott Smith and Savannah Ward. The top 5 from the high school division were Maxwell Higgins, Dylora Kohler, Colton Surrency, Shane Surrency and Brennen Tessier.
This was the 1st tournament that we had at Jaycee Park due to the damage from hurricane Sandy. They finally fixed the docks there! Anyway - everyone left Jaycee Park at 6:30am and fished until noon. The TCC's were given a fish list with how many fish of each species they could catch but there was no point value on it. We had 18 fish caught and several really nice catches. Shane Surrency had a 5lb. 11oz. trout, a snapper and a sheesphead. Dylora Kohler had a 3lb. 13oz. trout and 2 snapper, 1 redfish, a bluefish and another trout. Andrew Evans had a 1lb. 8oz. trout and 2 snapper. Billy Kidd had a 1lb. 10oz. trout. Trace Meding has a 2lb. 10oz. redfish and a sheepshead. Savannah Ward had a bluefish and Scott Smith had a 1lb. 6oz. trout. And, last but not least - Brennen Tessier had a 15oz. trout. We also got reports of jacks, ladyfish, and catfish which were not on the list.
Andrew Evans and Trace Meding had the same amount of points - 35 - so the tie was broken by the heaviest fish.
Treasure Coast Caster of the Year - Dylora Kohler - 75 points - Ft. Pierce Central - Ft. Pierce
2nd place - Shane Surrency - 40 points - Lincoln Park Academy - Ft. Pierce
3rd place - Trace Meding - 35 points - Westgate K - 8 - Port St. Lucie
Dylora received her trophy, a $100 gift card to the Fishing Center, a $100 gift card to White's Tackle and a $90 cast net that was donated by the Fishing Center! She will also receive a Treasure Coast Caster of the Year shirt with the logo and her name on it at our June meeting.
Thank you to all the TCC's for doing such a good job today! Thank you to all the dad's, Capt. Charlie, friends and aunt's that took the TCC's fishing today! We could not do this without your support!
Thank you again to everyone for making Treasure Coast Casters what it is !!
Cammie & Capt. Joe Ward
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