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Results of 6-23-13 Treasure Coast Casters Inshore Tournament

Today we kicked off our new season for the Treasure Coast Casters Senior Division for the 2013-2014 season. We would like to welcome Jake Castlow to our group!
We meet at Capt. Joe's Bait & Tackle at 6:30am. As soon as everyone one arrived they were given their fish list which included bluefish, flounder, mangrove snapper, redfish, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel, tripletail and trout. Everyone returned to the bait store for weigh in with stories of the fish they caught, fish that were too sort and fish that were not on the list. This was supposed to be a garbage can tournament and at the meeting yesterday decided to keep our regular fish list.
Michael Williams was fishing with Capt. Charlie Conner and was the first one back. Michael had a very nice 2lb. 4oz. bluefish. Andrew Evans was the next one to weigh a fish and he had a mangrove snapper. Savannah Ward was the last one to weigh a fish - she had a 5lb. 3oz. redfish, a 3lb. 11oz. trout, another trout, sheepshead and a mangrove snapper.
In the Middle School Division
1st place - Savannah Ward - Forest Grove Middle - 8th grade - Ft. Pierce - 105 points
2nd place - Andrew Evans - St. Anastasia - 7th grade - Ft. Pierce - 15 points
3rd place - no fish weighed
In the High School Division
1st place - Michael Williams - Treasure Coast High - 10th grade - Port St. Lucie - 10 points
2nd & 3rd place - no fish weighed
Biggest fish of the tournament went to Savannah Ward for her redfish. Other than their trophies each TCC received a TCC t-shirt and a prize bags. Savannah received a Yamaha hat along with her trophy for biggest fish.
Our next meeting will be on July 27th and the tournament on July 28th. If you have a friend that would like to join now would be a good time to have them get in touch with us!
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