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Results of the Treasure Coast Casters Junior Division Tournament

Today we held our bi-monthly from shore tournament for the Junior Division of Treasure Coast Casters. To say it was a hot morning would be an under statement!! We had a total of 14 TCC Juniors fishing and had quite a few different species come to the table.
Brayden Adams was the first one there with a snapper. He also had a pinfish and a 2lb. flounder! Nicholas Rosario was next with a catfish and 2 nice snapper. Jordyn Beeten had 2 catfish. Colt Krischke was next with a puffer fish. And last was Rayley Sheltra with a 2lb. 4oz. trout.
1st place - Nicholas Rosario - Fairlawn Elem. - 3rd grade - Ft. Pierce
2nd place - Brayden Adams - F.K. Sweet - 2nd grade - Ft. Pierce
3rd place - Jordyn Beeten - Liberty Baptist - 3rd grade - Ft. Pierce
Biggest Fish - Rayley Sheltra - Rivers Edge Elem. - K - Ft. Pierce
Other than her trophy Rayley received a gift card to the Fishing Center that was provided by Pat & Gwen! We held a drawing for a couple of red & reel combos. One was left handed and was donated by Pat & Gwen. The other was a one that lights up when you reel it and was donated by Clint Walker - owner of the Fishing Center. Well...Dean Buxton didn't catch any fish today but he did walk away with both combos!
Thank you to Tammy for weighing the fish and taking care of everything while I fished with the grandkids. Our next tournament is in November!
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