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Results of Treasure Coast Casters Junior Division Tournament 10-27-13

October 27, 2013 
What great weather we had for our bi-monthly from shore tournament for the Junior Division of the Treasure Coast Casters!  It was a little on the cold side when we arrived but quickly warmed up.  It is great to see this group keep growing!  We would like to welcome John Liano, Sophia Liano, Justin McGaw, U-One Smith, Youdanca Smith and Youlanda Smith to the group.   It was 9:35am before we had a fish come to the table and Dean Buxton was the first one there.  He had a 1lb. redfish with 2 spots.  Then about 20 minutes later Dean caught another redfish with this one weighing 13oz.  Brayden Adams was next with a puffer fish and then Michael Rochedieu next with a sand perch and then with a catfish that weighed 10oz.  All fish were released.  The boys dominated this tournament as not one girl weighed a fish.   1st place - Dean Buxton - Fairlawn Elem. - Ft. Pierce2nd place - Michael Rochedieu - St. Anastasia - Ft. Pierce3rd place - Brayden Adams - F.K. Sweet - Ft. Pierce   Biggest Fish - Dean Buxton for his 1lb. redfish.   Thank you to Clint Walker of the Fishing Center for sponsoring our tournament.  Thank you to Tammy Ward for weighing the fish and to Judi Newell for donating the rod and reel combo that we raffled off. 
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