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Results From TCC's Surf Fishing Tournament

We were not quite sure if we were going to fish yesterday morning due to all the fog. I think that is the worst we have seen it in some time. After a short meeting about our participation in the Adopt A Highway Program we headed down to John Brooks Park. This was the tournament where the parents were invited to fish with us. The fog was still very thick when we got there but most of it did burn off as the morning went on. Other than that we had a beautiful day - lots of sun and a very slight breeze. We had 15 fish on the list and it was everything from bluefish to whiting with each fish being worth 5 points except for the snook. It is still worth 50 points and we are hoping for one of the TCC's to catch a legal one before the season closes again.
What can I say except that Bill Kidd out fished the mom's that were there. Mr. Kidd had a total of 6 fish! I think most of the mom's enjoyed being there with their TCC and enjoyed the weather. The TCC's had a slow start but before it was over the had caught and released a total of 10 fish. Whiting was the winning fish of the day.
Middle School Division
1st Place - Jake Castlow - Lincoln Park Academy - 25 points
2nd Place - Scott Smith - Forest Grove - 15 points
3rd Place - none weighed
High School Division
1st Place - Maxwell Higgins - Treasure Coast High - 10 points
2nd Place - none weighed
3rd Place - none weighed
Biggest Fish went to Jake Castlow for his whiting.
Bill Kidd captured all the medals in the Parents Division - Biggest Fish, Most Fish and also Smallest Fish!
Jake & Maxwell received their trophies, prize bags and a $25 gift card to White's Tackle. Jake also received a trophy and a gift card to the Fishing Center that was donated by Pat & Gwen for the biggest fish.
Our next meeting will be on March 8th and our inshore tournament will be on March 9th.
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