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Results of TCC Junior Division From Shore Tournament

February 16, 2014
With all the wind on Saturday gusting to 35mph we were not quite sure of the TCC's would be able to fish from the shore line at Harbour Pointe Park. When we arrived there was very little wind, it was sunny and the water was calm. Another good thing - they had cleaned all the brush from along the shore line and we could actually see the water and the TCC's as they were fishing. On another note the water temps were very cold and the fishing was very slow.
We would like to welcome Dominic Massa to our group! There were only 3 fish caught but it was not because the TCC's were not trying. I don't think I have ever seen them concentrate so much on catching a fish! Thomas Parramore caught the first fish followed by Brayden Adams. Thomas did catch one more fish.
1st place - Thomas Parramore - Fairlawn Elementary - K - Ft. Pierce
2nd place - Brayden Adams - F.K. Sweet - 2nd - Ft. Pierce
3rd place - no fish weighed
Biggest fish of the tournament went to Thomas Parramore. He received a trophy and a $10 gift card to the Fishing Center that was donated by Pat & Gwen.
One other thing we have started doing is the TCC with the biggest fish will have their picture as the clubs profile photo on Facebook. Thomas will have his picture up until the Senior Division has their tournament in March!
We have been very lucky to have Bass Pro Shop in Port St. Lucie sponsor this tournament. They gave us 2 of their draw string back packs filled with different Bass Pro items - one for the Juniors and one for the Seniors. We held a drawing for the items and it was a great success!! Thank You Bass Pro Shop!
A quick thank you to John & Theresa Gilson. I know some of you remember them from the last couple of years. They are winter residents from Ohio and have been big supporters of TCC since the beginning. Theresa helped with the trophies, goodie bags and the drawing.
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