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Treasure Coast Caster Of The Year Is?????

May 18, 2014
The Treasure Coast Caster Of The Year For 2014-2015 Is Savannah Ward!!
Today we held the fish off for the Treasure Coast Caster Of The Year.  The top 5 Middle & top 5 High School TCC's competed for the title.  We left Capt. Joe's Bait & Tackle at 6:30am and the TCC's fished until noon.  The TCC's competing were Jake Castlow, Andrew Evans, Maxwell Higgins, Dylora Kohler, DJ Markowski, Trace Meding, Brennen Tessier, Mackenzie Tessier and Savannah Ward. 
Jake Castlow had a very nice snapper, Maxwell Higgins had 2 sheepshead with one weighing 2lb. 5oz. and Savannah Ward had a snapper, 2 trout and a 10lb. 5oz. snook.
Treasure Coast Caster Of The Year - Savannah Ward - 90 points - Forest Grove Middle - Ft. Pierce

2nd Place - Maxwell Higgins - 30 points - Treasure Coast High - Port St. Lucie

3rd Place - Jake Castlow - 10 points - Lincoln Park Academy - Ft. Pierce

Our 1st TCC of the Year was Maxwell Higgins and sadly this was his last tournament as he will be leaving for college shortly, last year it was Dylora Kohler - 1st female to hold the title and this year Savannah Ward is the 2nd female and youngest to hold the title.  The current TCC of the Year will also sit on our Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 season. 
As part of her prize package Savannah received a Boat Gear Bag from Bass Pro Shop in PSL, a D.O.A. prize package that included a box full of D.O.A. Lures, a DVD, a D.O.A. tournament patches and a D.O.A. koozie, a rod & reel combo from The Fishing Center, a tackle box from LottABull Fishing Charters and a $50 gift card to Bass Pro Shop from Treasure Coast Casters.  Bass Pro Shop also gave each angler that fished today a Bass Pro travel mug and a Bass Pro lure box.
I would like to thank our boat volunteers from today's tournament - Clinton Skinner, Anna Green, Capt. Paul Meding, Capt. Rob Ward, Jeremy Tessier, Karen Higgins and Shane Surrency.  Shane graduated last year but volunteers when we need him!  We couldn't do this without the volunteers!!
Thank you all for making this such a great season and we start our new season on June 21st!
See you soon.
Cammie & Capt. Joe Ward
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