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Results From the 9/7 Treasure Coast Casters Inshore Tournament

September 7, 2014
Today we held our inshore tournament for the Senior Division of the Treasure Coast Casters.  When we meet at Jaycee Park we were not sure if we would fish or not but after a 25 minute delay things cleared up and off they went.  It was over cast for most of the morning but fish were being caught!  We had 18 fish come back for weigh in with mangrove snapper being the top fish.  We did have 4 trout, 2 redfish, black drum, sheepshead and Spanish mackerel.
In the Middle School Division Andrew Evans had a 1lb. 5oz. trout and 2 snapper and Tyler Bostic had a mackerel and a snapper.  Kane Bostic caught fish but they were just short.
In the High School Division Colton Hester had a 5lb. 6oz. trout, 2 snapper and a black drum.  Billy Kidd has a 1lb. 14oz. sheepshead and a snapper.  Dylora Kohler had a 2lb. 12oz. redfish, 2 trout, 1 snapper and a mackerel and Savannah Ward had a snapper.  Jake Castlow, DJ Markowski & Scott Smith all caught fish that were short or not on the list.
1st place - Andrew Evans - St. Anastasia - Ft. Pierce - 55 points
2nd place - Tyler Bostic - Westgate K-8 - Port St. Lucie - 25 points
3rd place - no fish weighed
1st place - Dylora Kohler - Ft. Pierce Central - Ft. Pierce - 110 points
2nd place - Colton Hester - Ft. Pierce Central - Ft. Pierce - 70 points
3rd place - Billy Kidd - Vero Beach High - Vero Beach - 30 points
Biggest fish of the tournament went to Colton Hester for his 5lb. 6oz. trout!
A BIG thank you to our boat volunteers - Anna Greene, Capt. Charlie Conner, Capt. Danny & Dorothy Markowski and all the dad's that helped out!  We couldn't do it without you!
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