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Results of the TCC Senior Division Inshore Tournament

Feb. 1, 2015
Today we held our Senior Division Inshore Tournament for the Treasure Coast Casters.  What can I say but, only the weather man can be wrong all the time and still be paid big money.  The wind wasn't too bad until the last hour of the tournament. 
We would like to welcome Taguee Walker and Ryan Wells to our group.
We had 10 different species on the fish list today with snook worth 50 points.  No one weighed in a snook.  There were a shorts that were caught and released.  New TCC - Ryan Wells caught a nice trout and 2 sheepshead.  Andrew Evans had a mangrove snapper and Colton Hester caught 2 sheepshead.  Savannah Ward got 2 black drum with 1 weighing in at 5lbs. 1oz.
1st Place - Andrew Evans - St. Anastasia - Ft. Pierce - 15 points
No fish weighed for 2nd or 3rd place
1st Place - Ryan Wells - Ft. Pierce Central - Ft. Pierce - 50 points
2nd Place - Savannah Ward - Westwood High - Ft. Pierce - 30 points
3rd Place - Colton Hester - Ft. Pierce Central - Ft. Pierce - 30 points

Savannah & Colton tied in points.  When this happens the next place goes to the person with the heaviest fish.
Biggest Fish - Savannah Ward for her 5lb. 1oz. black drum.

Andrew & Ryan each received a prize bad, trophy and a $25 gift card to the Fishing Center.  Savannah also received a gift card to the Fishing Center that was donated by Pat & Gwen.
A big thank you to Wade & Beth Yarborough for donating the items in the prize bags.
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