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Results of Treasure Coast Casters Junior Tournament‏

Feb. 22, 2015
We were very happy to see the great weather we had for the from shore tournament for the Junior Division of the Treasure Coast Casters.  It was warm, a slight breeze and plenty of sunshine.  The only down side was the water temp was 64 degrees and the fishing was very slow.  Last tournament we had 29 fish brought to the table and this time we only had 4.
We would like to welcome Amanda Daher to our group.  Her brother Troy has been fishing with us for a while and now she is old enough to join in.
1st Place - Riley Orr - River's Edge Elem. - Ft. Pierce
2nd Place - Troy Daher - Pierce Hammock Elem. - Loxahatchee
3rd Place - Cameron Hicks - Weatherbee Elem. - Ft. Pierce

Biggest Fish went to Cameron Hicks.  Along with his goodie bag and trophy he received a gift card to the Fishing Center that was donated by Pat & Gwen.
A big THANK YOU to the Bass Pro Shop in Port St. Lucie for sponsoring our tournament.  Amanda Daher won the Bass Pro Shop cap, Brandon Leitenbauer won the Bill Dance Bobblehead, Cameron Hicks won the Bass Pro Shop cap, Shannon Martin won the Bass Pro Shop thermos, and Riley Orr won the $25 gift card to Bass Pro Shop.  Thomas Parramore and Mia Santiago each won a Treasure Coast Casters t-shirt.
Thank you to TCC Senior - Colton Hester for weighing the fish.
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