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Treasure Coast Casters Senior Tournament

March 15, 2015

Today we held our monthly inshore fishing tournament for the Senior Division.  Little did we know it would be a 1 fish tournament!  I had all the usual fish on the list but, as hard as they tried we only had 1 fish brought back for weigh in.

As each boat came back to the dock everyone had caught fish that were too short or not on the list.  When Dylora Kohler got off the boat with her fish she totally wowed the crowd with a 6lb. 2oz, - 28 inch snook!  This was her first snook and only the second one that has been caught during a tournament.  The other one was caught by Savannah Ward last May during the Fish Off for the Treasure Coast Caster of the Year - which she won.      

High School Division

1st Place - Dylora Kohler - Ft. Pierce Central - 50 points

Biggest Fish - Dylora Kohler - 6lb. 2oz. snook.

Thank you to Bass Pro Shop in Port St. Lucie for sponsoring the tournament.  We couldn't do what we do without sponsors like them!

See you in April.
Cammie & Capt. Joe Ward
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