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Results of 5-3-15 Treasure Coast Casters Junior Tournament‏

May 3, 2015
We started off the morning with blue skies, warm temps, plenty of sunshine and plenty of wind!  However, it did not keep the Treasure Coast Casters from catching fish.  We had a total of 18 TCC's fishing and 15 fish were caught and released.  We would like to welcome Clayte Davis to our group.
We had a wide variety of fish caught and released but a few of the more notable catches were Cameron Hicks with a 1lb. 4oz. ladyfish, Jordyn Beeten with a 2lb. 3oz. ladyfish and Nicholas Rosario with a 4lb. 13oz. sail cat. 
1st Place - Cameron Hicks - Weatherbee Elem. - 4th grade - Ft. Pierce
2nd Place - Nicholas Rosario - Fairlawn Elem. - 4th grade - Ft. Pierce
3rd Place - Dominic Massa - Osceola Magnet - Kindergarten - Vero Beach

Biggest Fish went to Nicholas Rosario for his 4lb. 13oz. sail cat.  Along with his trophy Nicholas received a gift card to the Fishing Center that was donated by Pat & Gwen.
After the trophies were awarded we handed out the goodie bags that had items that were donated by Bass Pro Shop in Port St. Lucie, MirroLure and Pat & Gwen in them.  Instead of holding a drawing for items this tournament we handed out the fish towels that Pat & Gwen had made for the Treasure Coast Casters.  What a great surprise for the TCC's and everyone loved them.

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