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Results of 8-23-15 Treasure Coast Casters Inshore Tournament

August 23, 2015
Today we held our monthly inshore tournament for the Senior Division of the Treasure Coast Casters.  We had beautiful weather with just a slight breeze and high temps.  We left the docks at Capt. Joe's Bait & Tackle at 6:40am and due to the temps being in the 90's we had everyone return to the docks at 11am instead of noon. 
Trout and mangrove snapper were the fish of the day for the TCC's.  Kaitlyn Ward had 2 trout with one weighing in at 2lbs. 11oz.  Andrew Evans had one that weighed 1lb. 12oz, Tagaee Walker had one that went 1lb. 2oz. and Savannah Ward had one that weighed 1lb. 5oz.  Andrew and Savannah each had 2 mangrove snapper and Colt Krischke had one.  Brayden Adams caught the only sheepshead and it went 1lb. 14oz.  Tagaee also caught and released his first goliath grouper.

Middle School Division
1st Place - Kaitlyn Ward - Fairlawn Elem. - Ft. Pierce - 50 points
2nd Place - Brayden Adams - F.K. Sweet Elem. - Ft. Pierce - 15 points
3rd Place - Colt Krischke - Lincoln Park Academy - Ft. Pierce - 15 points
High School Division
1st Place - Andrew Evans - John Carroll High - Ft. Pierce - 55 points
2nd Place - Savannah Ward - Ft. Pierce Westwood - Ft. Pierce - 55 points
3rd Place - Tagaee Walker - Ft. Pierce Westwood - 25 points
Biggest Fish of the tournament went to Kaitlyn Ward for her 2lb. 11oz trout.  Along with her trophy and goodie bag she received a $50 gift card that was donated by Professional Outfitters of Vero Beach.
We recognized several people after the awards starting with two of our boat volunteers - Anna Green and Capt. Rob Ward.  Each received a custom fishing shirt with the TCC logo on the back and their name on the front.  Next we recognized the Treasure Coast Caster of the Year - Savannah Ward and also runner up Andrew Evans.  Each received a custom fishing shirt with the TCC logo on the back and their names on the front.  This is the 2nd year that Savannah is the TCC of the year.  Colton Hester was not there to receive his shirt.


A BIG thank you to D.O.A. Lures for sponsoring the tournament!  Thank you to our boat volunteers - Brett Adams, Anna Green, Capt. Danny Markowski, Chad Painter and Capt. Rob Ward.  We couldn't do what we do without all of you!  Thank you to Pat & Gwen for coming to the weigh in and supporting TCC's!!
See you all in September!

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