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Results of Treasure Coast Casters Junior Division Tournament

First I need to say thank you to Tammy, Savannah & Dorothy for holding the tournament yesterday.  We were on our way home from a very much needed vacation.  This was only the 3rd tournament that I have missed in 15 years!

We would like to welcome Dayton & Ciara Franqui, Connor Rohrbough and Jett & Landon Stier to our group.

I guess you can say it was a catfish tournament with a few other species thrown in!  21 fish caught and all but 4 were catfish.  Cameron Hicks had a 1lb. 7oz. flounder, Kaleb Kniep had a eel, Jett Stier had a 2lb. 13oz. stingray and Nicholas Rosario had a 3lb. 11oz. redfish.  This was a first for Nicholas.

1st Place - Nicholas Rosario - Fairlawn Elem. - Ft. Pierce
2nd Place - Dayton Franqui - Oak Hammock - Port St. Lucie
3rd Place - Ciara Franqui - Oak Hammock - Port St. Lucie

Biggest Fish went to Nicholas for his 3lb. 11oz. redfish.  Along with his trophy he received a gift card to the Fishing Center that was donated by Pat & Gwen.

Our next tournament is in December.  

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