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Results of the TCC Junior Division from shore tournament 3-20-16

When the morning started off we took a wait and see approach to the tournament.  As everyone started to arrive at Harbour Pointe Park they were told we can fish but you may get wet and the decided to fish.  We had 18 kids sign up to fish and 12 showed for the tournament.  

We would like to welcome Jeremy Beausolie, Jesse Hindman, Emmett Mounts and Noah Westbury to our group!  With 12 kids fishing they did weigh in 18 fish.  Ciara Franqui weighed in a 3lb. 5oz. jack, a 1lb. 11oz sheepshead and a puffer.  Marcus Schurbart weighed in a 3lb. 7oz. jack.  Cameron Hicks had a 3lb. 5oz. snook along with a 1lb. 5oz. sheepshead.  Thomas Parramore had a puffer and Nicholas Rpsario had a 15oz. baracuda, 1lb. 9oz. stingray, a snapper and a catfish.  Noah Westbury had a nice flounder and Dayton Franqui had a catfish.  Jeremy Beausolie had a 10oz. pompano and a blue runner.  All fish were released.

1st place - Nicholas Rosario - Fairlawn Elem. - Ft. Pierce
2nd place - Ciara Franqui - Oak Hammock - Port St. Lucie
3rd place - Jeremy Beausolie - Mariposa Elem. - Port St. Lucie

Biggest Fish went to Marcus Schurbart - Lakewood Park Elem. - Ft. Pierce.  Along with his trophy and goodie bag he received a gift card to the Fishing Center donated by Pat & Gwen.

Sorry I couldn't be at the tournament but I will be there for the one in May!  Also, I forgot to send the visors that Pat & Gwen had made for the kids and will hand them out in May.  A big THANK YOU to Tammy, Theresa and John for helping out with the tournament.
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