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Treasure Coast Casters Junior Division

Yesterday we held our bi-monthly from shore fishing tournament for the Junior Division of the
Treasure Coast Casters.  We had great weather and a incoming tide all morning.  
The only downer was the dead catfish lying along the shore line. YUCK!  The smell was horrible.

Dillon Furiato was the first one to bring up a fish and it was a puffer.  
He was followed by Emmett Mounts with a 15oz. mutton snapper.  
Thomas Parramore was next and he had a puffer, and then came right back with
 another one.  Dillon was back with a puffer and a eel.  Cameron Hicks had a snapper
and then a puffer.  Noah Westbury was next with a grouper and a puffer.  Emmett
Mounts was in the lead for the biggest fish trophy until 10:50am when Dillon Furiato returned with a 1lb. 1oz. flounder.  All the fish were released.

1st place - Dillon Furiato - Manatee Academy - 1st grade - Port St. Lucie
2nd place - Thomas Parramore - Fairlawn Elementary - 3rd grade - Ft. Pierce
3rd place - Noah Westbury - Manatee Elementary - 3rd grade - Port St. Lucie

Biggest Fish - Dillon Furiato - 1lb. 1oz. flounder  Dillon also
received a gift card to the Fishing Center that was donated by
 Pat & Gwen.

Our next tournament will be on Sunday - November 6th. 

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