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Results of the 2-12-17 TCC Inshore Tournament

Today we held our inshore tournament for the Treasure Coast Casters.  The TCC's left the docks at Capt. Joe's Bait & Tackle at 6:45am. armed with a fish list that contained 12 different species.  True to the inshore bite for the last week it turned out to be a sheepshead tournament.  Everyone caught sheepshead and the only other fish that was caught was 2 mangrove snapper.

Brayden Adams had 2 sheepshead with one weighting 2lb. 12oz.  Colt Krischke had 1 snapper and 2 sheepshead with one weighing 2lb. 5oz.  Andrew Evans had a snapper.  Nicholas Rosario had 2 sheepshead with one weighing 3lb. 9oz.  Ciara Franqui had a 1lb. 10oz. sheepshead and Kailtyn Ward had 2 sheepshead with one weighing 2lb. 12oz.

1st place - Colt Krischke - Lincoln Park Academy - 45 points
2nd place - Nicolas Rosario - Southern Oaks - 30 points
3rd place - Kaitlyn Ward - Lincoln Park Academy - 30 points

Nicholas and Kaitlyn tied in points but Nicolas had the heavier fish so 2nd place went to him.

1st place Andrew Evans - John Carroll - 15 points
no fish were weighed for 2nd and 3rd place.

Biggest fish of the tournament went to Nicholas Rosario for  his 3lb. 9oz. sheepshead.  He received a framed poster of the Florida Snapper along with his trophy.  The poster was donated by the Fish and Wildlife Commission.   Both 1st place winners received a $25 gift card to Bass Pro along with the other items in their goodie bags.
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