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Results of Sunday's TCC Surf Tournament

Good morning,

We held our monthly meeting at the beach while surf fishing on Sunday morning.  Our guest speaker Pompano Rich came up from Jupiter to offer his help and advise about surf fishing.  He even bough a surf rod, sand fleas and fish bites for the TCC's to use.  Some of the TCC's had never surf fished so it was a learning experience for everyone.  Even with all his help and the TCC's fishing their hearts out we only had 5 fish caught - 4 whiting and a jack.  Ciara Franqui caught 3 whiting and NIcholas Rosario caught 1 whiting and 1 jack.

Middle School
1st place - Ciara Franqui - Oak Hammock - Port St. Lucie - 30 points
2nd place - Nicholas Rosario - Southern Oaks - Port St. Lucie - 20 points

No other fish were caught.

Ciara Franqui had the biggest fish - a whiting that weighed 12oz.

Our next tournament is April 23rd.  See you at the meeting on the 22nd!

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