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Results of the TCC Juniors Tournament

Today we held our bi-monthly from shore fishing tournament for the Junior Division of the Treasure Coast Casters.  The day started off with a short shower that sent everyone under the trees for about 20 minutes.  Then the fishing started.

Emmett Mounts was the first one to weigh a fish - 2lb. 11oz. sheepshead.  Dayton Franqui was next with a nice size jack.  Dillon Furiaro was next with a puffer.  Brexton Hager came to the table and got me to come down to the water.  He caught a 5lc. 5oz. snook that was 27 inches long.  Cameron Hicks was next with a spanish mackerel and Marcus Schubart with a needle fish.  All fish were released.

1st place - Emmett Mounts - Rivers Edge Elem. - Port St. Lucie - 2nd grade
2nd place - Dayton Franqui - Oak Hammock - Port St. Lucie - 1st grade
3rd grade - Dillon Furiato - Manatee Academy - Port St. Lucie - 1st grade

Biggest Fish - Brexton Hager for his 5lb. 5oz. snook.  

We had to say so long to Jogn & Theresa Gilson who have been a very big supported to the Treasure Coast Casters since it was formed.  They will be returning to Ohio in a few days.

Everyone brought painted rocks for us to hide while the Juniors were fishing.  They had a great time running around and finding the rocks.  Thank to Ciara for hiding the rocks.

Our next tournament will be on Sunday - May 7th.

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