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Results of the TCC Juniors Tournament

July 9, 2017

Today we held our bi-monthly from shore tournament for the Junior Division of the Treasure Coast Casters.  We would like to welcome Nick & Zach Sines to the group.

We had great weather for the tournament and yes it was hot!  Micheal Rochedieu - our current Treasure Coast Caster of the Year was there volunteering.  He was helping Tammy weigh the fish and checking to see if any of the anglers needed help.  Michael is working towards his Eagle Scout ranking.

Our morning started off very slow as far as catching goes.  Not sure if the bite was slow due to the water temps dropping down to 73 degrees or if it was because they had staged the dredging equipment at Harbour Pointe Park for over 2 months.

Zach Sines weighed the first fish - a 1lb. 2oz. spiny puffer.  Dillon Furiato came to the table twice with puffers.  Nick Sines had a robinfish and Emmett Mounts had a lane snapper.

1st place - Dillon Furiato - 2nd grade - Manatee Academy - Port St. Lucie
2nd place - Zack Sines - 5th grade - Northport K-8 - Port St. Lucie
3rd place - Nick Sanes - 6th grade - Northport K-8 - Port St. Lucie

Biggest fish went to Zack Sines for his 1lb. 2oz. spiny puffer.

Instead of the drawing we usually do we handed out fish towels and rubber bracelets that were donated by Pat & Gwen.  On a good note Gwen is due to come home from rehab on this coming Wednesday.  They were very appreciative of the get well cards and notes that the TCC's had sent them!

Our next tournament will be on September 3rd.

See you then!
Cammie & Capt. Joe Ward
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