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Results of the TCC Juniors Tournament

Today we held your bi-monthly from shore tournament for the Junior Division of the Treasure Coast Casters.  We would like to welcome Arie & Ayden Adar to our group.

It had to be the toughest day of fishing that the TCC's have ever had!  We only had 2 fish come to the table - a 1lb. 4oz. puffer and a robinfish!  I have to give it to the TCC's they kept right on fishing until we sounded the horn at 11am.

1st place - Dayton Franqui - Oak Hammock - 4th grade - Port St. Lucie
2nd place - Dillon Furiato - Manatee Academy - 3rd grade - Port St. Lucie
3rd place - no fish weighed

Biggest fish went to Dayton for his puffer.  Along with his trophy and goodie bag he received a gift card to the Fishing Center that was donated by Pat & Gwen.

We held our drawing for a few extra items and Zack Sines won our custom hydrodipped cup with the Treasure Coast Casters logo on it!

Our next tournament is on October 29th!
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